Zimbabwe Government seeks to bar Beatrice Mtetwa from representing Hopewell Chin’ono

State prosecutor Whisper Mabhaudhi has made an application asking magistrate Ngoni Nduna not to give Beatrice Mtetwa audience in the case of incarcerated journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) confirmed the development.
“Prosecutor Mabhaudhi makes an application asking magistrate Nduna not to give Beatrice Mtetwa audience in the case of Hopewell Chin’ono. Mabhaudhi says Beatrice is posting comments on the Facebook page, Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law.

“Beatrice Mtetwa advises that she is not on Facebook & has no social media accounts. Advises the court that the page is run by a Boston based filmmaker, Lorie Conway. Advises the court that the prosecutor is misleading the court.

“Beatrice expresses concern that Mabhaudhi has not confirmed the authenticity of information but rushes to make an application seeking to deny Hopewell the right to a lawyer of his choice,” read the statement.
Part of Chin’ono’s bail hearing requires him to give evidence on the living conditions at Chikurubi.

Chin’ono played a key role in exposing President Emmerson Mnangagwa, his son Collins and his wife Auxilia in massive allegations of corruption, the US$60m Drax Covidgate scandal.

The fallout saw the arrest and dismissal of former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo. But Chin’ono was also arrested together with opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume.
They were charged for inciting violence, in connection with 31st July protests against corruption.

Ngarivhume’s bail hearing could not start on Wednesday because a magistrate who was “specifically” assigned to preside over his case was not available.

Story – Nehanda Radio

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