Two Years Later: No Justice has been served to those who suffered in the hands of military.

Harare – Its two-years down the line since the shooting on 1 August that leftover six people in the hands of the Zimbabwean military. Many other demonstrators were wounded in the army clampdown in Harare’s central business district on August 1, 2018, with some of the casualties shot from the back.

Tomorrow, Zimbabwe commemorates the second anniversary of the unprecedented state brutality in which soldiers opened fire against fleeing, unarmed protesters on the streets of central Harare, killing six and injuring 35.

Soldier firing live ammunition to protesters. Image credit : APF

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was declared the winner of the disputed July 30 vote, announced in late August that year a Commission of Inquiry to look into the post-election violence.

The commission announced its findings in December 2018, recommending among other things the government pay compensation to the families of those killed and to those wounded, saying perpetrators needed to be held accountable.

At the time, Mnangagwa had said he would but to date, none of the commission’s recommendations has been implemented.

Zimbabwe has been calling for the prosecution of the soldiers who gunned down civiians but it all went into deaf ears as the General who led the troops into the country’s capital was promoted to ambassador role for the country ,living people with qustion on the seriousness of the Mnangagwa administration to human rights and constitutional adherence.