Temba Mliswa — Commissioner Matanga & Local Government Minister July Moyo in alleged corruption activities.

Harare – Norton member of the National Assembly Temba Mliswa addressed a press conference today on alleged corruption within the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

“We can’t continue saying the President (Mnangagwa) is surrounded by criminals. It’s not good enough to say this. We must go further and name the criminals. I’m not afraid of naming them”

“Sanctions are bad but corruption is worse. We should fish out all the corrupt leaders.”

Corruption has been one of the most pivotal pillar of Mnangagwa administration. Many high profile cases have been put before the Courts but no one has been prosecuted as of now. Former Minister of Health Obediah Moyo has been implemented in a $60m COVID-19 procurement tender that cause outroar on social media, but he been scout free after being granted a Z$50k bail.

He also accused the Higher Commissioner of Zimbabwe Republic Police of being one of the many corrupt hindering the fight against corruption.

Temba Mliswa said tomorrow he will write a letter to President Mnangagwa exposing minister July Moyo’s alleged “corruption”. Mliswa repeats his corruption allegations against police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga. He says the President takes action on the basis of “evidence”.

“The police is compromised.The CIO is compromised.Only the army is not compromised.They shouldn’t have allowed Delish Nguwaya to get close to the President,taking pictures with the President.Criminals are donating to the President. With Mugabe, you could not just get close.” he said.

Mliswa has been one of most vocal Mnangagwa supporter blaming those around him. He went on to dispute that in November 2017 there no coup but people’s will was attained.

“There was never a coup in 2017. The people knew ED Mnangagwa would be president even after he was expelled by ZANU PF. The army could not stop the people but they joined what the people wanted.”

However the fight against has been taken as little but a factional fight tool within the Zanu PF. High profile cases still to heard before the court as some implicate the President’s sphere of influence as well as politibru ZanuPf members. Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) yet to see its tooth or will remain a toothless bulldog.