South Africa’s superstar AKA speaks out against Zimbabwe woes as Africa join hands in solidarity with Zimbabweans

ONE of the best African rappers from South Africa Keenan Forbes, popularly known as AKA has expressed his concern over the suffering Zimbabweans under bad governance of a ruthless regime.

AKA expressed his views on one of his social media platforms giving solace to Zimbabweans and wishing them victory over oppression.

The successful and influential rapper also urged fellow Africans to speak out and help the oppressed Zimbabweans rather than focusing on matters like “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) that are far away from our continent.

AKA said there is a bigger problem in the neighbouring country (Zimbabwe), yet some people focus on American BLM via his Twitter account.

“I would say, I am praying for you, but that has been a bit over done, I would rather just say you are on my mind and I hope you will be victorious soon.

“Imagine your fellow Africans too busy focused on BLM happening 15000 km away to care about those very same black lives NEXT DOOR”.

Commenting on Zimbabwean artists who are quiet about the current situation in their country, AKA said: “Maybe they are scared too. Its easy to say they should say something, but they are citizens just like you.”

AKA is a force to reckon with in Africa in terms of entertainment. He once had a sold out show at HICC, and recently this year in Zim again he gave a splendid performance with love at DJ Stavo and Friends gig at Woods Club in Harare, Longchen.

Other fellow South African artists and influencers have joined the #ZimbabweLivesMatter movement on various social platforms as clampdown on opposition, civil society and ordinary citizens by the security forces for protesting against corruption and mismanagement of funds by the Mnangagwa regime.