SA Envoys To Zimbabwe To Come Back And Engage With All Stakeholders – Ramaphosa

Speaking after a virtual national executive committee (NEC) meeting of the ANC, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said the ANC was engaged in a party to party discussion with the Zimbabwean Government to resolve the Zimbabwean human rights crisis hogging the limelight internationally, Newsday reports.

According to the AU Chair, NEC resolved that the ANC must speak to all parties and all stakeholders as well, to get a broader understanding of what is happening in Zimbabwe:

The ANC notes the work being done to continue silencing the guns in Mali and Libya and ensure stability in Mozambique, Sudan and Zimbabwe,

The national executive committee welcomes government efforts to engage the situation in Zimbabwe, in particular the deployment of special envoys. It emphasised the efforts of the envoys in engaging all the stakeholders in the country to assist in addressing the current situation. ANC and government processes must complement each other.

The envoys, indeed, went and met President Mnangagwa and his delegation. They had extensive and quite lengthy discussions and in the course of the discussions, it became clear that we needed to have a process that they would engage other people there and we felt that we should give consideration to that and that is something we would obviously want to see happening.

The NEC also expressed the need to meet other stakeholders in Zimbabwe and clearly important that we get as broad a view of what is happening in Zimbabwe as we possibly can. The NEC agreed also that the ANC must speak to all parties and all stakeholders as well

The government has constantly denied that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe to the point of attacking anyone who says anything contrary to that. Recently the Foreign Affairs Ministry said there were no human right violations in Zimbabwe and the judiciary was not captured while responding to the American Ambassador’s “attacks” on Zimbabwe.

According to the publication, the president has lined up POLAD members to meet with the South African envoys if they make a second trip to Zimbabwe.

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