Instead of showing leadership, President Mnangagwa further defrays Zimbabwe’s hope of democracy

After Tuesday morning address, President Mnangagwa left local and international audience on standstill as he squandered a chance to show leadership. But show further signs of Mugabe’s autocratic playbook tactics.

After plundering last weeks demonstrations planned by opposition Transform Zimbabwe Jacob Ngarivhume against corruption and respect of the constitution, which resulted in arrest of over sixty (60) opposition members and ordinary citizens for exercising their constitutional right.

As a result, Zimbabweans took it to social media to air out the human rights abuses under Mnangagwa’s regime using hashtag #ZimbabweanLivesMatter which has trended globally roping in international recognized artists including AKA , Pearl Thusi as well as American Hollywood stars including Thandie Newton and Ice Cube in airing out the abuses under his authority since he took office.

In the economy, inflation is rising and, despite a slowdown in the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar, sentiment remains largely downbeat. As a gauge, the stock market was sluggish on the first day back from a totally pointless month-long suspension.

In all this, Mnangagwa woke up today to speak into this storm. He made it worse.

He went on to blame fails on the natural disasters that has hit the nation including COVID.

” My government has faced attacks since my inauguration e.g sanctions, economic aggression, drought, COVID-19 ”

” We make no apology for fixing our economy across the political, social and economic spectrum. ”

However with a spat he went on to unleash threats to anyone who challenges his authority, as he promises to “flush out” opponents as well labeling them as “terrorists”.

” The dark forces inside and outside our borders have tempered with our growth and development for too long. Let us embrace patriotism, accountability, love and unity.”