Beitbridge border may see shorter queues, as the Kazungula bridge opens Monday

The Kazungula bridge

– Congestion at the infamous Beitbridge border post should be eased from Monday, thanks to a new route.
– Freight truckers now have the option of travelling to Lusaka via Botswana, with the opening of the Kazungula bridge.
– The bridge will allow trucks to and from South Africa to bypass Zimbabwe entirely.

The opening of a bridge at Zambia’s Kazungula on Monday, 10 May, should have a significant impact on South Africa, relieving congestion at the infamous Beitbridge border crossing for freight truckers.

Currently, truckers moving goods from South Africa to Lusaka must travel via Zimbabwe, crossing the notoriously congested Beitbridge at the border between Limpopo and its Northern neighbour. But with the new bridge at Kazungula, South Africans can travel via Botswana, bypassing the Beitbridge crossing – and Zimbabwe – altogether.

The bridge has been five years in the making, and the Botswana department of transport and communications announced that it will be open for business as of Monday.

PRESS RELEASE – OFFICIAL OPENING OF KAZUNGULA BRIDGE PROJECT AND ONE STOP BORDER POST FACILITIES The Ministry of Transport & Communications is pleased to announce that the official opening of the Kazungula Bridge & one stop border post facilities is scheduled for 10/5/2021.
— Botswana Government (@BWGovernment) May 1, 2021

For freight truckers making their way from South Africa to Zambia, ferrying goods from the Port of Durban upwards through southern Africa to reach regional markets to the North, the trip is a roughly 27 hour journey, whether via Zimbabwe or Botswana.

But delays at Beitbridge could add on several hours depending on the severity of the congestion, or the time of year.

Kazungula Bridge

The Kazungula bridge

The Bridge and its associated works, is expected to ease access to international markets through connectivity with major seaports as well as contribute to maximizing the operational efficiency of the SADC north-south corridor and enhance regional economic integration.
— Botswana Government (@BWGovernment) May 1, 2021

Spanning the Zambezi river, the bridge straddles the North-South trade route, which runs from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the port of Durban. It will also offer relief to traders, many of whom have had to use unreliable ferries across the river to reach markets on either side of the Botswana-Zambia border.

However, there have been concerns about Zimbabwe losing out on the DRC to Durban traffic