Anti-Sanctions Protest Outside USA Embassy in South Africa.

Some Zimbabweans and members of the ruling African National Congress protested Sunday outside the United States Embassy in South Africa, urging the West to remove targeted sanctions imposed on Zanu PF officials for alleged human rights abuses and election rigging

October 25, 2019, was declared a national holiday in Zimbabwe & SADC nations to allow a march to take place in protest at the Western sanctions. Judging by the turnout at the protest last year , however, there seems to be a general indifference regarding their effects.

Numbers were very low at the national event held in the capital, Harare, with several citizens saying that the march would not address the issue of biting economic depression, which they believe has been primarily caused by the state. 

However, critics say Zimbabwe’s government is using the sanctions as an excuse after failing to address issues such as corruption and misgovernance.