Coronavirus – All you need to know.

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Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that are common among animals. In rare cases, they are what scientists call zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from animals to humans.

For those those with a weakened immune system, the elderly and the very young, there’s a chance the virus could cause a lower, and much more serious respiratory tract illness like pneumonia or bronchitis.

The virus can make people sick, usually with a mild to moderate upper respiratory track illness, similar to a common cold.


* Running nose
* Headache
* Cough
* Sore throat
* Fever
* Feeling of being unwell


Human coronavirus most commonly spread from an infected person to others through:

* Coughing and sneezing
* Touching or shaking of hands with infected person then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands
* Fecal contamination


There are currently no vaccines available to protect one from coronavirus infection. Transmission is reduced through:

* Washing your hands often with soap and water.
* Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
* Avoid close contact with sick people

MAP: Countries that reported cases of the new strand of coronavirus

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