Editorial: Hear out Doctors grievances

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‪While doctors not accepting the new increment , they should find a way to interact not to suppress their voices. ‬

The government is contemplating amending the Health Services Act to, among other things, make it illegal for a doctors’ strike to go on for more than a few hours.

Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo said the amendment will classify health practitioners as essential service providers who cannot go on strike for extended periods.

The ways of being errand to grievances must be of the old dispensation. Government must come to a stand when they get to dialogue with those civil service workers trying to air out their issues.

Health sector is a critical sector in a economy when in standstill will halt a lot of people and result in a lot deaths if the Government goes to be a stubborn. Death threats received by Doctors Representatives is a wrong approach by the State security sector that can haunt the re-engagement process as well as portray a bad picture for the nation to investors.